Öffnung der Schule

Erasmus+ Job-shadowing week at Ursulinenschule Fritzlar

First and foremost, I would like to thankto the principal Mrs. Ramisch for welcoming me at Ursulinenschule. The school buildings and the equipment provided to the staff would make many French principals jealous. I have also discovered a charming little city, welcoming and friendly people.

During this week, I have learned a lot about the German educational system. I have visited schools and met many teachers all around Europe and I can assure that German teachers work a lot and feel really concerned about their students’ future. They “know” their students, are always helpful and eager to advance their teaching skills. I have particularly appreciated their innovative and original working methods. They always try to place the students in the centre of their teaching methods.

I was a little surprised, but found it great, the fact that the school is opened (no gate, no one watching who is coming in and out) and the few minutes spent every morning to pray. I liked the relaxed but nevertheless rigorous work atmosphere.

The language level of the Q 2 students is amazing. They are capable of expressing very precise and refined opinions on difficult topics in a foreign language. The classes 7G, 8G, 9G, E2, 10R students are nice, motivated, polite and respectful young people.

Thanks to all the teachers who welcomed me in their class: Saskia Erbuth, Catja Siebert, Helga Stähling, Christel Wildner, Torsten Skibbe, Ines Menzel, Dagmar Lohmann, Mark Verheijen and Birgit Anders. I enjoyed being in your class and watching you doing your best to improve your students’ skills. A special thank to Catja Siebert for her time and kindness.

A very special thank to Birgit Anders. Thank you for your warm welcome, I had a great stay.I do hope that we will be able to work together on future Erasmus+ projects.


Bruno Sermet, Villefranche, France  im April 2018